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Lawmakers on committees that oversee NASA have scheduled a joint hearing for Wednesday. Then, O’Keefe will face questions not just about the shuttle but also about the future of human space flight and, especially, the International Space Station. Financial specialists additionally need the administrations of a decent bookkeeper to confirm all passable findings on their real domain are asserted.

Although the aerospace industry supports the shuttle, a number of scientists and space advocates are concerned that the combined costs of keeping the shuttles flying and completing the space station — which can only be done with shuttle cargo and construction capacity — will beggar most other unmanned space science missions for the next decade. Though the normal individual has some considered conclusions, without a bookkeeper they will be inadequate with regards to out on numerous profits.

The Bush administration had proposed increasing shuttle funding by $760 million next year in a budget prepared before the disaster, a commitment seen as preferable to the likely multibillion-dollar cost of developing a new generation of space transport vehicles by the end of this decade. There are assessable conclusions for yearly property depreciation of premises and fittings, the measure of which is indigent upon the age of the home and price tag.

There has been dissent between NASA and the military over development of those space planes, which could also figure in future military operations in space.

Many scientists complain that with limited budgets, space research could be done more cheaply and safely using robotic labs and satellites, rather than via the shuttle and the space station. It additionally is controlled by the depreciation schedule picked, (extensive or brief time period) in the matter of how over the top the derivations are from the beginning.

All this and more is supposed to be up for review by a White House task force, established last summer under the National Security Council and the first White House-level review of the space program since 1996.

“Some work has been done on this, but it hasn’t gotten a lot of focus,” one adviser said. “Now that only the Russians and maybe later this year the Chinese are the only ones able to put people into orbit, space policy could gain some urgency.” When you set up the assessment plan your everything property rundown is arranged by a decently qualified quantity surveyor.

NASA is reviewing more than 1,300 images of the shuttle Columbia’s disastrous re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere — some from sophisticated government telescopes, but others submitted by e-mail from amateur photographers. Inside the event of regular debacle depreciation for mischief to the financing will be guaranteed, the sum depending on the remaining worth of the subsidizing and whether its safeguarded.