Marylander and a singular mountain which is great and placement am yeah we got great ranch that I have an a few partner sin their ranch you’re living a great life yeah I got some homes you don’t even go to ma’am I’m living a great life the phone it is a life that’s not without its challenges while it may be a high-class problem the decision up how much money to leap to the sentence and how much to charity is a wrenching.

one for many of the super-rich the numbers are staggering according to the Boston call center on well philanthropy over the next years richest Americans will leave behind of trillion dollars in a brownstone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan some of the richest Americans debate what to do with their money while they are alive and after they’re gone we’ve been looking at our will gainsaid now that our kids are older.

would we do Tiger is part wealth management part therapy group for the very wealthy its members pay thirty thousand a year industrialism change for those who feel the burden serve big-money do I want them to know that they have money does it take away their incentive ice and works you know hours a day no they had a they know but they know that it’s mine Michael Seinfeld made his fortune in real estate he founded Tiger in with six members today its ranks have swelled to the number one non-financial concern his children but since most of our members are self-made they had a pleasure and try on thing on their own and meeting.

the challenges and yet because they’ve been successful grandchildren been brought up in a very different environment makes me a little nervous system some other members think they should leave their children a small amount of money so that they have the kind of drive that the members himself have so inevitably then that leaves issues a full answer we will have enough to leave-all of my money to my kiddo I become more or less philanthropic noway kids are in good shape it’s a dilemma familiar to hedge fund manager and Tiger-member Oscar Schrieffer he recently gave ten.

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