Ste Australia Banks to I’m stress test themselves within West Cost Valuers a week on the basis that there is a min European out there know what that means is that on average astray as banks get about percent of their funding from overseas financial markets rather than deposits from A’s and it’s possible that that could dry up so the question that the actor is asking the banks what happens if that dries up the answer is like at many more that means the strain economy goes immediately into recession to look at how banks that very.

strong I highly capitalized the deposits are up substantially our lives shortened their funding profiles their rising more than money domestically and so there’s no you know doesn’t matter about what happens in china is having stopped lending because they can’t get any money anymore then we have a recessionary you convinced that their own pockets and toxic day I’m convinced happen unconvinced by regulators apprehend the Reserve Bank about that how banks are among the best regulated in the world I think regulators a highly.

regarded in World Turns and strains can be very comparable in a safety in the security about banks connects thanks to the fact on that we’ve had much more effective regulation in supervision is trying their website in other countries or I don’t know that the way the system %uh the permit that was there was no foundation support the madness the pyramid the toothpaste no anymore which his perspective the last thing.

that they want to discuss mister overexposed and overexposed customer potentially would leave to plead to rears and is more detrimental to the economy to customers and the mortgage providers than the health to our objective in life is to make sure that any customers well intuit easily within their grasp to make those payments plus prudent lending has pain much more evident in Australia housing lines then as an example.

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