The conveyancer is the whole and soul of the entire process of Conveyancing. He works as a link for giving the desired results to the people who have been involved in buying and selling of the property. He understands the various needs of people and helps them in giving results as per their need. L&Q is clearly aware of how tenants’ changing expectations will lead it to provide services in different ways and to higher standards. Demands are changing, with higher and more visible levels of vulnerability among tenants. L&Q, like all RSLs, needs to be accountable for its own performance and to demonstrate that in conjunction with other agencies it is working to continuously improve the experience of its tenants.

L&Q rightly considers that an efficient repair service is at the heart of tenant satisfaction. Tenants’ comments reflect this view. Considerable efforts have been made to improve this service in the last three years, with positive results. These are now starting to show in the latest performance indicators. Achieving high levels of performance is linked with greater research into levels of customer satisfaction.

He makes various types of plans after having the complete look at the budget as well as on the need of the client. The people here working have to follow the entire procedure that has been given by a Enact Conveyancing Melbourne This conveyancer is liable for giving answers to various questions of people that have been related with Conveyancing. This is welcomed, as good performance (for example on response times) may not automatically lead to high levels of satisfaction or quality. Now that performance in respect of repairs generally is improving, L&Q needs to focus on those tenants who still have negative experiences in order to ensure that satisfaction can be maximised.

Tenants complained that when messages are left they are not always returned. L&Q uses a wide range of methods to communicate with its tenants and other stakeholders. For example, it regularly issues newsletters targeted at regional audiences and at specific estates and projects on regeneration and improvement.

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