Assistant Alabama Attorney General Vince Carroll read in court the charge, which said that on or about Sept. 3, 1999, Grant a wrote a city check to herself and signed Mayor Barbara Coffey’s name. Coffey fired her for writing 15 similar checks, and the city’s personnel board upheld her firing. Grant, through her attorney, Sherryl Caffey, said at her personnel hearing that she was entitled to the money in the payroll account because she had worked for years without taking vacation, and rarely took lunch breaks.

Prior to the discovery of the extra payroll checks, Moulton City Council members tried in vain for more than a year to get a financial report from Cheap Conveyancer Sydney Grant. She said that she was overworked and short-staffed and did not have time to produce a report. Caffey declined comment after the hearing. City Councilman Brent White attended the hearing with Mayor Coffey, and both declined to comment.

Assistant Alabama Attorney General Brent Woodall attended the hearing with Carroll. Both declined comment. According to a press release from U. S. Attorney Alice H. Martin, Emuil Wendell Barron, 75, will serve 30 months in prison and three years supervised release after serving the prison term. The press release did not give his address and no one in her office was immediately available for comment. Martin said the four-count indictment stemmed from Barron dealing in firearms without a license between April 9 and July 17 in 2003.

In 2003, He also sold five firearms to a convicted felon on April 9 and April 22 and four firearms to an out-of-state resident on July 17. “In December 1999, Mr. Barron received a warning from ATF at Ball’s Grocery advising him not to deal in firearms without a license,” Martin said. Then, on top of selling guns without a license, he sold five guns to a convicted felon in a 13-day timeframe. Special agents of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Huntsville investigated the case.

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