Conveyancer has complete right to make changes in the fees of the conveyancing during the conveyancing which could be because of more work than planned. This is very important, as it is highly unlikely that a sheriff will award decree for eviction based on written evidence provided by Link. Link encourages tenants to participate in the decision-making processes which govern the way their homes are managed.

Your authority as the client has to be taken before finalising the quote. The change in the fees can be for some fair reasons when something out of the process is done by conveyancer for the process such as fixing the defect in filing the title or drafting the deed of trust. They can also act as an ideal platform to consult collectively with Link and feed back information to other tenants in the area. We will provide information and assistance to set up a residents’ association in your area if one does not already exist.

If the conveyancer www.econveyancingadelaide.com.au is charging for something that you think is not appropriate then you can also deny paying further for it. If you and your neighbours wish more information about setting up a residents’ organisation, please contact the Tenant Liaison Officer. Its objectives are to find innovative ways of involving and consulting with tenants, to improve communication methods and to oversee the production of the national and local newsletters.

For more information about how to become involved in the management of your home, please contact your Housing Services Officer or the Tenant Liaison Officer. When you advise us of a problem, we will tell you whether the repair falls under this scheme. Please refer to the purple leaflet, “Right to Repair”, contained in your Welcome Pack. When we receive your report, we will decide whether to arrange for one of our staff to inspect the problem or to instruct a contractor to attend. In the case of emergency and urgent repairs, we instruct contractors by telephone and follow it up with a printed works order.

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