Mike Roberts, Chief Executive at the Vale Housing Association, commented, By reducing energy use, we aim to benefit both our tenants, who will have lower fuel bills, and the environment as a whole. We’re really pleased that our work in this area continues to be recognised through external accreditation such as ISO14001. Residents of Hazel Close, Abingdon, have regained a peaceful and safe community after the Vale Housing Association took action against a tenant who was making her neighbours’ lives a misery.

Since Miss Bedford had moved to the flat in April 2005 a variety of complaints about her behaviour were received by the Association, including reports of drug-dealing and use, noise problems from the high number of visitors to her ground-floor flat, a police raid, untaxed vehicles and allegations of prostitution. Housing officers working on behalf of Hazel Close residents reported that residents were reluctant to take their children to the nearby play area because of concerns that drug dealers were operating at the newly-developed site. Despite signing an Acceptable Behaviour Contract Miss Bedford’s behaviour did not change and she also resisted help from a support agency who can help people to meet their tenancy conditions.

The Vale Housing Association served notice against Miss Bedford in October last year but she initially contested the court proceedings and eventually a warrant for possession was needed to compel her to leave the property. Housing staff, police and court baliffs entered the flat yesterday afternoon to take possession of the flat but by this time Miss Bedford had already left. She is believed to have returned to her family home for the time being.

Sam Ghaida, Area Housing Manager at the Vale Housing Association, said, We took all the steps we could to tackle Miss Bedford’s anti-social behaviour and give her the opportunity to improve. Eviction is a last resort, but we will use it if it is the only option of ensuring that a community can live in a safe and trouble-free environment. We would like to thank the police, other partners and local residents for all their help and co-operation.

The event will include displays and information about all aspects of community safety, including crime prevention, personal security and how to keep your home secure. People will be able to talk personally to experts for advice on crime prevention and safety techniques. Representatives from Trading Standards will also be present to advise people about their consumer rights, while Crime Reduction officers will give out guidance on forming Neighbourhood Watch groups. Find out more: Enact Conveyancing Brisbane

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