Clays Lane remains a Co-operative, and will continue to mount any legal challenge against the Housing Corporation in order to sustain its co-operative future. That future means implementing its decision, taken in Year 2002 and confirmed in Year 2003. at General Meetings, to seek a voluntary merger with another fully mutual co-operative , named Tenants First Housing Co operative. I am very grateful to those committee members for their support, and particularly for the time and effort in dealing with the work involved. particularly special mention for Joan, the Co-operative Secretary, who took sabbatical leave in July. There were 3 Policy Review Forums, held at 4 monthly intervals during weekends, attended by both Management Committee members and also members from the volunteer Lettings Group. assisted by the many members who give of their time in explaining to prospective members the practicalities of co-operative living at their House Interview sessions.

The Year brought changes within the staff complement. We have sought to engage, put in place and sustain a strong professional office team. who will work hard with us to ensure effective, responsive, and professionally delivered services. The Committee, Members, and Staff can be proud of their achievement. The Co-operative held an Open Day, in January, and a Co-op Fayre in September. Both were attended by members of Newham Local Authority, and various other official organisations, with the Fayre event being the launch of the Co-op’s 21st anniversary celebrations. We are planning another Open Day and Cooperative Fayre, in the summer of 2004, to continue those celebrations. to encourage the impulse behind co-operative principles and values. We re-opened the Community Cafe, and begun the refurbishment of the Community Centre. Go to this link: Act Conveyancing Sydney

We are implementing a Co-op Library Project and discussing a Direct Learning Project. Another small group, operating within The Shaw Trust, named Breaking Ground have assisted in the upkeep of the Estate grounds. whilst their members have received some horticultural based training. In return the Co-operative have permitted them the use of the Community Centre pending their own premises being refurbished. The breadth of the Co-operative’s improved performance over the year, particularly in the accounts, is highlighted elsewhere in this Report.

While the image of a Co operative is bound up in the principles of co operation, the standard required of any Body responsible for the stewardship of public funds is analysed by another set of principles, which seek to give guidance in measuring performance and good practice within a regulatory regime. Even if there may be a divide in the measurement processes between the regulatory framework and the values of co-operation, the outcome objectives can, we would hope, be seen to be kindred.

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